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Here you will find information about the Made Easy books that cover a variety of computer\technology topics such as Windows, networking, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, computer hardware, smartphones and much more. Each book was written with the user in mind and structured so that readers with any skill level would be able to follow along. Feel free to browse the various book subjects to learn more about what each book has to offer!

Latest Release

With everything being done online these days, it seems as though you need to know how to master a multitude of technologies just to get your work done. We are expected to know how to use email, texting, social media, cloud-based office productivity services, smartphone apps and so on.

Not too long ago (depending on who you ask), when we wanted to share files and collaborate with our peers, we would have to send files back and forth via email and hope that we were working on the latest version of the file. Doing this would also get complicated when we had many people we were working with on a project at the same time.

Fortunately, today we have many options as to where we can store and share our files and it seems like we are almost getting pressured into using these services. For example, when you get a new computer running Windows, it will automatically configure their online storage platform called OneDrive and you may not even notice that it is up and running. And if you have a Google\Gmail account, you automatically get access to their Google Drive service whether you plan on using it or not!

The goal of this book is to get you up and running with Microsoft OneDrive and comfortable with the interface when it comes to uploading and downloading files and folders. I will also be going over how to share and collaborate with other OneDrive and non-OneDrive users.