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Here you will find information about the Made Easy books that cover a variety of computer\technology topics such as Windows, networking, Microsoft Office, Google Apps, computer hardware, smartphones and much more. Each book was written with the user in mind and structured so that readers with any skill level would be able to follow along. Feel free to browse the various book subjects to learn more about what each book has to offer!

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Thanks to the invention of the smartphone, we can now record all the special moments of our lives, and even the not so special ones as I am sure you have seen if you have ever gone on a website such as YouTube or have an Instagram account!

One thing that is fairly common with people who record videos is that many times the video ends up being shown with all the footage that really doesn’t need to be seen, or the video ends up not being seen at all because the person doesn’t have the means to edit out all the unwanted footage to make a watchable video.

This is where using video editing software comes into play. When you have an easy way to edit and enhance your footage and create something that others would enjoy watching, it makes the editing process fun and rewarding. Plus if you do it right, you can end up with a professional looking video that might even make you some money, or at least get you a bunch of views if you post it online!

Microsoft has included video editing software with Windows for many years which used to be called Windows Movie Maker. Then they updated the software and called it Windows Video Editor. But for Windows 11, they have completely changed the video editing software that comes built into Windows. This new video editing software is called Clipchamp and can also be used with Windows 10 after a quick download.

This book will cover a wide variety of topics such as the Clipchamp interface, editing and cropping your video clips, adding audio and images, using effects, exporting and uploading your videos and so on.